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Brand Identity & logo design

We strongly believe that brand design can be both innovative and affordable.

We start by learning about your mission, your ethos and what makes you and your brand unique. We then develop branding that will communicate all of this to the world, and earn loyalty and affection from your customers.

Successful brands need to create an emotional connection with their audience through all technology platforms, so we'll show you how it works in every possible application - from social media to large scale ads or shop signage.

A great brand identity should be carefully developed to reflect your values and encompass the whole business ethos. When you get it right, your branding will bring lasting value and customer loyalty to your business. We especially love to build brands for startups and small to medium businesses looking to revitalise their brand identity.

For every branding or logo design project, we conduct in-depth research and collaboration with our client to gain a deep understand of your business, the brand and it's customers. We'll create brand assets for every situation, for social media, print, poster, web, mobile, product labelling - to ensure that the branding we design is flexible and really works in every situation.

We'll produce brand guidelines so that every communication stays on brand, always. The bottom line is that we love creating brands that people will love too.

When the brand design works perfectly everything creative falls into place, web design, print design, product labels, signage, clothing, you name it...

What we do

Customer & market research

Brand Identity design

Logo design

Print design

Signage design

Packaging design

Photography & illustration

Advertising - press & online, social media ads

Email marketing set up and design

Brand guidelines

Brand application design

Bdi Works web design Brighton

Bdiworks, Brighton, East Sussex.

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